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Does Your Corporate Culture Foster Innovation?

Have you ever found yourself wondering who you could promote to a managerial opening? Do you have bottlenecks in your processes or high turnover in specific departments and don’t know why?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Staffing challenges come from a variety of sources, but one of the most common is often the most overlooked – company culture.

Company culture defines the values of your business – the employees, their work and their minds. For many workers, job dissatisfaction occurs when they feel stagnant. When your employees feel repressed, your company is at risk of limiting its growth. Your employees help you stay relevant in your industry. Creating a company culture that fosters innovation can reduce turnover, while boosting profits and productivity.

Top Ways to Encourage Innovation With Company Culture

Inspire with Incentives

Don’t just recognize when employees do an excellent job, challenge them to come up with innovative solutions by offering additional incentives. We understand that most managers and business owners have to take a big picture view in order to keep operations up and going. By offering incentives for unique solutions, your employees’ critical and creative thinking abilities will increase, fueling the drive for company success. Incentives can be formal recognition at an event, or prizes, such as gift cards and extra vacation days.

Offer flexible schedules

Who says accounting has to happen exclusively between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.? Allowing your employees to work when they’re at their peak will generate innovative solutions to complex problems. Offering a variety of shifts and access to technology can give your employees the encouragement they need to produce more, while still maintaining a work-life balance. In addition, letting employees occasionally work from home can boost productivity by allowing them to concentrate on specific projects and reducing sick time off.

Encourage their growth

Give your workers opportunities to develop new skills and strengthen current abilities. Conferences, workshops and training sessions always spark new ideas. They also provide opportunities to network with professional peers who may have different perspectives and new techniques. Professional development can spawn new ways of managing projects, which can help boost productivity, and give your company a more competitive edge.

Studies show that new hires know whether or not they’ll stay within the first six months. After that, your managers are responsible for keeping employees motivated and satisfied. Partnering with a staffing firm like High Profile Staffing can save you time and money by finding you forward-thinking candidates who can fulfill your company culture. Contact us today!