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How to Recover After Losing a Talented Employee

Losing a talented employee is like coming home to find your house broken into and burglarized. You feel betrayed, violated and robbed of something very important. You might even feel overwhelmed at the amount of work you have to do to replace the valuables that were taken.

When a good employee leaves, the daunting task of replacing them costs both time and money. On top of that, your business can suffer while you conduct your candidate search. Losing a talented employee can be a big setback, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t bounce back. Here are several tips to help you recover quickly and effectively when you lose a strong employee.

Prepare for Attrition

You’ve been in the business long enough to know that turnover happens. There is no escaping the fact that employees will come and go, but most business owners try their hardest to retain their most skilled workers. Sometimes, for whatever reason, we have to let them go; it’s inevitable. That’s why you should have a plan in place for dealing with turnover. With the right strategy, you can move through this tumultuous time without draining productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Boost Employee Morale

Sometimes, turnover has a domino effect. You lose one good employee, others panic and they, too, go after other opportunities. When you lose a talented worker, be sure to give your current staff enough attention to assuage their concerns. Be transparent and address their fears. Gather them together and let them vent their frustrations, ask questions and make suggestions about the hiring process.

Conduct Thorough Exit Interviews

When your best employees leave, you need to know why. Were they not challenged enough? Did they feel undervalued? Were they looking for advancement opportunities? On the employee’s last day, sit them down and conduct a candid exit interview. Find out honest answers about your company’s office culture, managerial skills and job expectations. When you can pinpoint areas of discontent, you will discover how you can alter your company to keep the rest of your strong workers on board.

Rely on your Resources

Turnover expenses include more than just the cost of rehiring. Your workers can fall behind schedule and your whole business can see a shrink in productivity. Avoid missing deadlines and overwhelming your staff by partnering with a staffing firm. You can take advantage of more than just the temporary talent and recruitment strategies offered by staffing agencies. Many, like High Profile Staffing, also provide payroll and human resource services.

From small jobs to complex projects, every firm can benefit from the support of a staffing agency. High Profile Staffing can help you avoid the staggering costs of losing a good employee by giving you access to a plethora of highly qualified candidates ready to work at a moment’s notice. Don’t miss a beat. Call us today!