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Breaking the Myths About Temporary Employment

Are you a job seeker who thinks hiring managers will look down on a resume with contract employment experience? Are you an employer who thinks that contract employees lack commitment?

Think again.

The knowledge and skills candidates gain while employed in temporary positions can be vital to any company. Not only do contract employees learn how to use different kinds of technology on the job, they also learn how to work in different kinds of environments. They are some of the most adaptable and experienced employees in any industry. While some may be interested only in contract work, others are searching for a permanent career with a company that provides them the meaningful work they need to feel fulfilled in their profession. Despite the misconceptions and myths about temporary employment, contract employees can help support the growth of your company in many ways.

Myth #1: Temporary workers are low-level employees.

The staffing industry has evolved over the years, just as many others have , with advances in technology and education. Because of a need in career flexibility, the number of degree-holding contract workers has increased substantially. Accounting professionals and administration executives are just a few of the fields that have seen a boost in contract employees. These employees have embraced the world of temporary work for many reasons. For some, family obligations demand flexibility; while others enjoy the diversity of assignments and project-based workflow.

Myth #2: Contract-to-Hire employees aren’t serious about the position.

Have you ever been burned by an employee who seemed amazing on paper, but turned out to be less than what you expected? With contract-to-hire employees, business owners never have to worry if they’ve chosen the right fit. Think of it like a test drive; you get a trial run with a potential direct hire and both of you decide if the position is a good fit. If the employee didn’t feel like this was the right call, you can feel comforted in knowing that you avoided having to reinitiate the expensive hiring process just a few months down the road.

Myth #3: Temporary jobs aren’t real jobs.

Companies partner with staffing firms for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a vital employee goes on maternity or paternity leave and the position needs to be covered for months. During busy seasons, hardworking contract employees can come in and tackle overflow. There are even times when clients or projects require a special set of skills. Guess what? Hiring contract employees with specialized abilities can help you meet your client’s needs without busting your HR budget.

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