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Streamline Your Hiring Process

Not only can the hiring process take up a great deal of time, it can also cost a lot of money. Most managers and business owners will agree that these are two commodities that companies cannot afford to waste. Whether you’re looking for contract employees or a direct hire placement, if your hiring process is long and cumbersome, you’ll not only lose money, you’ll also lose the chance to land the best candidate.

Here are a few strategies to help you streamline your hiring process so you can increase profits, improve customer service, boost employee morale and advance other company goals.

Engage contract employees

The steep hike in workers’ compensation costs could be a daunting hurdle for some employers. On top of that, vacant positions mean work is either not getting done or your other employees have twice the responsibilities. Using temporary workers can lighten the load while you’re engaged in a candidate search.  It will allow you the time you need to identify the right hire, with the skills, personality and dedication you need.  And, it might turn out that the temporary worker is the person you need to hire!

Understand current and future workforce needs

Hiring teams and HR managers are constantly searching for administrative professionals with high-tech skills or accounting professionals with leadership abilities. However, when a hiring process is stalled, you may not take the time to ask the questions that identify these skills. Streamling your hiring process means, ideally, only having to hire once. Be sure you’re looking ahead as well as addressing current needs.

Think about the company culture

Finding good people to fit your culture and boost productivity in your office can be the “icing on the cake”; instead, it should really be the main ingredient. What’s the point of hiring a well-educated HR Manager if they struggle with collaboration? Think about the values of your employees and the mission of your organization – how will this new hire fit in?

Create an across-department process

Develop hiring policies and procedures that apply to all areas in your company. Create steps that each department head must follow. For example, maybe the HR representative vets all applications, then conducts phone interviews. The candidate pool is then narrowed down to three or four who come in for face-to-face interviews. Create a hiring committee to help bring in multiple perspectives. If you use a staffing agency for recruitment, be sure all employees who have a say in the hiring process work together with the firm. Whatever you decide to do with your hiring strategy, be sure to document the process from beginning to end.

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