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How to Handle Signs of Burnout

Burnout can happen to even the best team when employees work too hard or when there is low morale due to problems in the workplace.  If your staff seems to be starting to get burned out, you need to act quickly before you lose qualified workers and before productivity begins to decline.  There are some concrete steps you can take to try to stop burnout from occurring or worsening. 

  • Evaluate whether your staffing needs are fully met. One of the biggest reasons for burnout is because employees are being asked to do too much due to understaffing. If you don’t have enough people working for you, talk to a staffing company about recruiting for candidates who can fill some of the open positions. You can consider using contract employees if your need for more people is short-term or if you aren’t certain about taking on new full-time staff.
  • Make sure metrics for success are clearly defined. Burnout can also occur when employees do not feel they are accomplishing anything or do not feel their contributions are being recognized. Be sure that staff members know what goals they are working toward and how they are playing a role in helping the organization to succeed. When staff members do a good job, be sure they are offered praise that recognizes their specific contributions.
  • Allow time for fun and team bonding. You can reduce burnout by helping employees to relax, unwind, and strengthen their workplace relationships. A company retreat, or even brief breaks for staff lunches, can make a big difference in improving motivation and reducing burnout rates.

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