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Why You Should Hire for Potential Instead of Established Skills

If you are hiring employees for your company, you may be tempted to look for staff members who have established skills and proven abilities. While sometimes this is the right tactic, there are other situations where you may prefer to prioritize potential rather than experience. When you hire for potential skills, you can work with an employee to cultivate talent that is perfectly suited for success in your organization.

There are lots of reasons to think about prioritizing potential skills in your hiring process, including:

  • Employees with potential skills may be more adaptable:When someone has a lot of talent but hasn’t fully developed it yet, they may be more open to putting their talent to use in creative ways. They haven’t yet harnessed all of their abilities, so they can adapt to your work environment and find ways to cultivate talent that meshes with the skills they need to do the job.
  • Employees with potential skills can grow better into their new environment: Someone with established skills may already have set routines and an idea of how things are done. This can make it harder to adjust in a new work environment which may have a different corporate culture. If you hire someone with more potential and less experience, you won’t have to overcome resistance to change.
  • You may be able to hire top talent early: Hiring people with established skills and abilities can be expensive, as these people are often in great demand. If you capture top talent at the start of their careers, you may be able to bring in these future industry stars without paying a big premium.
  • Your company can benefit from the insight of the next generation of leaders: Your company can benefit from fresh new ideas to become more creative and innovative if you cultivate potential skills rather than primarily focusing on experience.

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