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Five Things Every Interviewer Wants You to Know

How many times have you thought you did not do well in an interview, only to find an offer on the table just a few days later? Maybe the opposite has happened when you were a job seeker – you think you aced the interview but never hear anything back. How much would you love to know what’s going through the interviewer’s mind?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret – when preparing for your next job interview, whether it is a contract job or a direct hire position, you should have an idea of what this company is looking for. Here are five things every interviewer hopes a candidate knows:

  1. Be in it for the long haul

The hiring team doesn’t want to have to go through this again. That’s why it’s important to hire the right person the first time. They’re looking for a loyal employee, one that will grow with the company, becoming a long-term commitment. They may even want the opportunity to hire a candidate they could eventually promote. Be sure to let the interviewer know that you’re not just looking to build skills, but that you are in this for the long term.

  1. Come across as friendly and personable

Fitting into the established company culture is an important quality interviewers look for. They want to hire an employee, contract or permanent, who will fit in both professionally and personally. Fitting in means you seem like the kind of employee who will generally get along with other workers, thus improving teamwork, productivity and workflow.

  1. Know why you’d be a good fit

Explain, specifically, why you’d be the right choice for this position. Describe the skills you bring to the table that will improve the company and help progress its mission. Whether you’re a human resource professional with leadership skills or an accounting executive with industry-specific experience, be prepared to prove to the hiring team why you’re the best choice.

  1. Do your research

When asked questions about the company or this position, give specific answers. Do your homework. Read over the company’s mission statement, the objectives of this position and the core values of the company. Demonstrate that you understand the company’s brand and audience.

  1. Ask your own questions

If you do your research, you’re bound to come up with several questions you can ask during the interview. Avoid questions about salary and benefits. Instead, ask for details on the position and the company. What does a typical day at the office look like? What are some of the qualities of their most successful employees? Asking questions shows that you are interested in the job and curious about what matters to the hiring team and the company.

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