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Managing a Team of Diverse Personalities

When your team is made up of diverse personalities, you face unique management challenges. You want to make certain every staff member is given the opportunity to contribute and realize their full potential so you can make the most of your human capital.  You also need to inspire all your team members to be motivated and committed to the company’s success.

Following some simple tips for effectively managing people with different personalities can reap many rewards as your team will work more effectively together to accomplish great things. To ensure you are providing what each staff member needs to be successful:

  • Learn to recognize the work styles of team members. The first step is to know how team members work best. If some staff members prefer regular collaboration while others hate interruptions, respecting the work processes of different employees can enhance overall productivity.
  • Make sure everyone’s voice is heard. Introverts may not speak out in large group settings but may have great ideas. Provide opportunities for quieter staff members to share their insight in a low-key setting where they won’t feel they are under scrutiny.
  • Celebrate and praise differences. When you recognize the contributions of staff members, stay away from generic praise. Focus on the traits each member of the staff exemplifies so every member of the team will know you are appreciative of the value they bring to the whole group.
  • Distribute work according to each team member’s strengths. Embrace the fact that different people have different core competencies and try to distribute assignments best suited to each worker. While you want to challenge staff members to come out of their comfort zone, you’ll get the best performance from each employee if you take advantage of their own unique strengths.

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