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Managing Your Online Reputation

Your customers and clients are online, and if you aren’t managing your brand’s reputation, you could be losing serious dollars. Online reviews are one of the first places consumers look before they purchase a product or engage in a service. What are people saying about you online? It matters more than you might think.

Many business owners fail to connect a poor online reputation to decreased revenue. The manager of a manufacturing plant might wonder how Twitter can impact sales and recruitment, but that is exactly where your customers are sharing their opinions and experiences. The truth is, all negative search results, unanswered social media comments and employee posts can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line, for companies across all industries.


One of the simplest and easiest ways to follow your brand is on Twitter. You can follow hashtags in your field and use them to engage with customers. Reply to their tweets with insightful comments and retweet posts you think are innovative and interesting. Composing your own original tweets positions you as a thought leader, building trust with current and potential customers.


If you’re looking to build an online community around your brand, then Facebook is the place to be.  You can “Like” pages and subscribe to people that help keep you engaged in conversations about your company and your industry. Ask yourself – what image do we want to portray?  You can answer this question by building and maintaining a strong, vibrant presence on Facebook.


Teens, young professionals and recent college grads are all over Instagram. If these individuals make up your target audience, then building your brand here is essential. However, if your target demographic is 35+, you won’t find a lot of engagement on this particular site. Managing your online reputation isn’t just about finding out what people are saying, but also where they are saying it. You need to be monitoring the conversation as it happens, where it happens.


LinkedIn is the online destination for professionals. Managing your reputation on this site boosts your visibility to decision makers who are looking for the exact services you provide. Peppered with the right keywords, your LinkedIn profile will draw in people who need what you have to offer. You may not know the specific audience looking for you, but a polished LinkedIn profile will help you get found.

Establishing a strategy to maintain your online reputation is a lucrative way to expand your network, generate qualified leads and interact with customers. Remember, however, you can’t just make a page and leave it. These sites require work; they need maintenance, engagement and commitment.

If you’re looking for new ways to build your reputation, consider opportunities with High Profile Staffing. We can connect you with talent that has the specialized skills you need to make your mark in the digital economy.