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The New Face of Performance Reviews

An annual performance review has long been a tradition of the corporate world. However, the workforce is changing, and employee expectations are changing as millennials enter the workforce in increasing numbers. Today, more companies than ever are recognizing that an annual review is no longer the best way to provide employee feedback. Instead, staff may benefit from more regular input on an ongoing basis.

So, should your company stick with the traditional performance review or should you consider changing the way you deal with your workforce and offer more regular advice to workers on their job performance? As you make this choice, consider some of the reasons why companies have begun abandoning the annual review in droves:

  • Annual performance reviews are stressful. Employers and employees both dread an annual performance review. Employers may find themselves spending long hours combing through past emails and past work trying to remember what the employee has accomplished and where the problem areas were. In addition, employees may feel that this once-a-year high-stakes meeting is something to endure, rather than an opportunity to find ways to improve.
  • Annual performance reviews are very subjective. Annual performance reviews aren’t very scientific and don’t really provide an objective measure of the contributions an employee has made over the course of the year. 
  • In-the-moment feedback can better shape employee behavior. Employees need to know right away what they are doing right and where they can improve so they can incorporate this feedback into their daily work. When employees get continuous feedback over time, instead of being inundated with a lot of information at once, they are more likely to change their behavior and improve their efforts.

With a great staff, giving feedback on an ongoing basis can help your company maximize productivity and ensure all of your workers are successful. High Profile can help you to find the right people for positions in your company so you’ll have skilled professionals who are ready to incorporate suggestions for improvement. Give us a call today at 972-991-7900 or contact us online to speak with a staffing service in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.