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Staying Relevant in Your Industry

Employees in every field and on any level, from high-level executives to administrative assistants, need to keep up with changing trends to stay relevant in their fields. Even if you have no intention of switching jobs any time soon, you’ll be more successful and productive in your current position, and you’ll be prepared in case you fall victim to high unemployment or a weak economy.  Here are a few tips for maintaining upward momentum with your unique and expansive skills and abilities.

4 Ways to Stay Relevant in Your Profession

Take on volunteer work. Giving back to the community is a great way to build on your specific professional abilities or improve soft skills. If you’re an administrative professional, you can volunteer for a local charity organization looking for part-time help by organizing their office function. Make sure you give back to a cause you have a passion for – learning how to feel excited to work is a great way to make your profession stay relevant to you.

Update your references. References show potential employers a candid glimpse of your past performance, which is a major clue to future productivity. You never know when a new opportunity might fall in your lap, so you want to be sure your references are always updated on your current professional goals. Be sure to maintain connections with references who will present you as more than an employee – you are a solution.

Continuous professional development. One of the best ways to stay relevant is to take advantage of opportunities to learn something new. Don’t just train once and be done; take regular workshops and training sessions, and participate in retreats and conferences when you can. Developing interpersonal skills can strengthen your teamwork and leadership skills, making you a stronger candidate for advancement or promotion. Don’t forget about technology – it changes the workforce environment at all levels.

Take on more challenges. Ask your manager if there are more responsibilities that can be added to your job description. If there isn’t an opportunity to move up at your current organization, see how you can alter your current position so that there are more leadership responsibilities. Tackling new challenges not only keeps you relevant for changes in your field, it also keeps you more satisfied at work.

Are you looking for a new employment opportunity, or did one find you out of the blue? Either way, you need to be prepared when it’s time to show what you’re truly made of. Partnering with a staffing firm like High Profile Staffing can help you stay on top of your game and make a life-changing career change.