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Strategic Staffing: Evaluating a Candidate on Enthusiasm

When hiring managers think about the essential qualities employees must have, the skills that top the list are typically very job specific. You need an administrative professional who can type accurately and quickly. Your accounting and finance employees should have certain degrees and certifications to meet minimum qualifications. And your top HR candidates are those with years of experience.

But there are other qualities that could significantly impact job performance. Often overlooked for concrete skills, these additional qualities could mean the difference between excellence and mediocrity. Enthusiasm is one of those major motivating factors for job performance. And, remember, while typing skills can improve and technological expertise can be trained, real enthusiasm cannot be taught. Dedication to your company and drive for success are qualities that come from within a person.

So, how can you tell if a candidate is really enthusiastic about the job, or is more interested in getting out and getting paid? Here are a few tips to help you evaluate a candidate’s enthusiasm for an open position.

Upbeat attitude. The candidate should be positive and energetic when talking about the position. Enthusiastic candidates maintain eye contact and smile often when explaining why they’re the best choice for the position.

Researched the company. A good way to evaluate the candidate’s enthusiasm for the job is to find out how much they already know about the company. Did they do their homework and research the company’s mission statement?

Forward-thinking. When you ask this candidate about their goals, the enthusiasm can be seen right away. They have a plan, but also acknowledge the need to be flexible at times. A candidate with enthusiasm will have strong vision for the future.

Excited about learning new skills. You want an enthusiastic candidate whose work reflects the personality. An employee who is excited to learn new technology and apply that knowledge in their role is one who will boost productivity. Any candidate who inquires about different opportunities is one who wants to contribute throughout the company.

Most importantly, enthusiastic candidates can be relied on to motivate and support other employees. They create a stronger, more productive team. Partnering with a staffing firm like High Profile Staffing can connect you with workers who can satisfy both urgent and non-critical staffing needs. With nearly three decades of staffing expertise right at your fingertips, we can help you succeed in all stages of the hiring process.