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Identifying Workplace Performance Issues

Your company cannot afford to have problems in the workplace that impact staff performance. You need to make the most of your human resources, which means identifying and correcting problems that are causing staff to be less productive than they should be.

Identifying workplace performance issues, and understanding their causes, is one of the biggest challenges for most managers. These tips can help:

  • Put parameters in place to measure employee performance. To identify performance problems, you need a clear idea of what you consider good performance. You should have quantifiable, measurable metrics in place for each employee and for different departments or teams within your organization. Track how well the employees meet these metrics and note when they exceeded expectations. Also, take note when any person or team falls short. If someone or a group of staff members aren’t living up to your expectations, or if you see a decline in performance rather than continual improvement or at least steady results, you have an issue.
  • Identify employees and teams who fall short of targets. Once you have metrics in place, it is easy to identify when staff members or departments are not living up to expectations. Be consistent with measuring performance on a weekly, monthly and annual basis so you can spot problems quickly.
  • Talk with and observe the employee to determine the cause of performance problems. If you identify a person or department having issues, you need to find out why. Is it the employee, or are there other factors like supervision issues or difficult work conditions. When you talk with the employee about problems, be sure to focus on the specific performance issue so the employee can offer an explanation, rather than identifying a litany of problems for the staff member to address.

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