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Poll Results: How Likely Are You to Hire Virtual Talent?

We recently conducted a poll surveying our clients on the state of their hiring needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we’ve all been impacted by the shelter-in-place orders, mask mandates, and the other multiple changes we’ve had to endure since early March, the experience for each business has been different.

Virtual Talent (noun): employees who do not commute or travel to a central place of business and communicate with the company by email, telephone, and video-conference platforms.

Question 1: Does your team have a need for any of the following?

  • 50% state they are in need of virtual temporary employees.
  • 25% state they are in need of virtual temp-to-hire employees.
  • 75% state they are in need of virtual direct-hire employees.

Question 2: How likely is your company to hire virtual talent?

  • 50% state their company IS likely to bring on virtual talent even though working and managing remotely is an adjustment.
  • 50% state their company IS NOT likely to bring on virtual talent due to onboarding and management complications.


We want to thank all of our clients who participated in our poll, and for giving us a clearer understanding of the current hiring market!

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