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Ready to Start Setting Goals with Your Dallas Team?

The start of the new year is an excellent time to begin setting goals with your team. This provides a guide for what you would like your team to accomplish in the next 12 months.

Setting goals with your team helps elevate employee engagement, performance, and productivity. This increases job satisfaction, employee morale, and retention.

Follow these guidelines to start setting goals with your Dallas team.

Align the Goals with Company Objectives

Tie each employee’s goals to the company’s growth strategy. This helps each employee understand how their position and contributions impact the organization.

Showing each employee how their role fits with the big picture provides motivation to attain goals. It also helps employees stay engaged in their work.

Link the Goals to Specific Jobs

Connect each employee’s goals with their job. These goals may be focused on productivity, efficiency, or another relevant topic.

Developing goals relevant to a job adds meaning. This encourages your employees to attain their goals.

Set SMART Goals

Ensure each employee’s goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). This clarifies what each employee is working toward, when each milestone should be reached, and how success will be measured. Having each employee’s goals relate to their job provides motivation to attain them.

You can regularly review each employee’s progress and make adjustments accordingly. Also, celebrate each employee’s successes along the way.

Give Rewards for Milestones

Publicly acknowledge and reward each employee who reaches a milestone. This may involve verbal recognition during a one-on-one meeting or the presentation of a certificate during a team meeting. Include a bonus or pay increase when appropriate.

Rewarding each employee shows you value their contributions and results. It also provides motivation for your team to continue working toward their goals.

Provide Support

Talk with an employee who gets behind in reaching their goals. Find out what the source of the issue is and how you can help resolve it. Modify the goal achievement timeline accordingly.

Emphasize your desire to help the employee succeed. Show you want the best for them.

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