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Recruiting Passive Candidates: The Pros and Cons

Candidates who are actively searching in the market are a great place to start when it comes to hiring new employees, but there are other, often forgotten-about, potential candidates out there.  Companies tend to skim over passive candidates. Passive candidates are people who are happy in their current position and aren’t looking for a new job, but may consider going elsewhere for a better offer. Passive candidates are willing to listen to what other companies have to say, but are much more selective when it comes to switching jobs/careers. According to the Department of Labor, passive candidates comprise 84% of the total workforce, so it’s time to start seeking out passive candidates.

Since these candidates aren’t actively looking for new careers, where do you start when it comes to recruiting them? Talk with your staffing partner and share your short- and long-term needs. Sometimes, the best talent is currently employed, but it doesn’t mean they should be completely eliminated; these potential candidates may be a good fit for the position. The feedback shared with your staffing partner will allow them to utilize their talent network of passive candidates to best fill your open positions.  Reaching out to a passive candidate and establishing a relationship is a process that requires time and dedication.

The Pros of Passive Candidates

Passive candidates tend to take their jobs very seriously. What we mean by this is they don’t quit a job until they have a new one in place. They also pay attention to their current organization, so they can find a new position if they hear that layoffs are coming. Passive candidates are generally well-prepared.

Another pro of passive candidates is that they are currently gaining work experience. They are in a job that they enjoy and are gaining real-life skills each and every day.

The Cons of Passive Candidates

It’s harder to get passive candidates to switch jobs/careers. People who are comfortable in their current situation may fear that they are giving up something great if they move to a new company. Employers need to really prove to passive candidates that they are the right choice.

You may need to go beyond salary limits to get a candidate you really want. If there is limited talent for a particular position, and you find a candidate who is already employed that would be a perfect fit, you may need to go past your means to secure the candidate.

Just remember, it takes some effort and nurturing to successfully recruit passive candidates. Our experienced team at High Profile specializes in establishing these relationships and finding the right candidates to fit your needs. If you’re looking for more information on recruiting passive candidates, contact us today!