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Resume Tips: Tailoring Your Resume for an Executive Assistant Position

Executive Assistants are invaluable members of the team, regardless of a company’s size or structure. And it’s not a one-size-fits-all role; one Executive Assistant’s daily tasks might be quite different than another’s. So, how can you tailor your resume to the Executive Assistant positions that you want?

Here are a few tips:

Study the job description closely.

Use the job description to help tailor your resume to the specific position you’re applying for. Think about what the job listing is asking for, and center your experience and skills sections around that. If the job specifically mentions managing hectic calendars, be sure to include your experience doing just that. If the role will involve creating spreadsheets, be sure to mention your deep understanding of Excel.

Work in keywords.

Another way to use the job description to your advantage is to work specific keywords into your resume. There’s a good chance your application will pass through an applicant tracking system (ATS), which scans the documents for essential keywords. You can find out what those keywords are by studying the job description. Words like budgeting, editing, confidentiality, travel, and corporations are just a few examples.

Showcase your best numbers.

Rather than saying you have experience scheduling meetings, say you have experience managing a busy schedule with 20+ meetings per day. Instead of saving the company money by eliminating unnecessary office costs, say you saved the company $5,000 a year by reducing office waste. Hiring managers love to hear these numbers!

Highlight special skills.

Do you have a background in copywriting or accounting? Experience with event planning? Be sure to highlight special skills on your resume that you think might apply to the job. Remember, the company could hire any Executive Assistant. Why should they hire you? It’s key to make special note of the skills you have that apply directly to the position.

Don’t forget the basics.

Remember to adhere to basic resume guidelines. Try to keep things to a single page if possible, using simple text in black and white. Create clearly defined sections of work experience, skills, education, and whatever else applies. And always, always double-check (and triple-check) for typos.

You’re not alone in your search for the perfect Executive Assistant role. We can help. Contact High Profile or visit our Jobs page to get started on your journey.