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Determining a Candidate’s Reliability During an Interview

When you hire a new employee, reliability is key. You want a candidate that is going to be dedicated, show up on time, and be an asset to your organization.  Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to get an accurate measure of how reliable a potential job applicant is likely to be. High Profile Staffing can provide invaluable assistance in screening job candidates for reliability, but you should be prepared to look for signs of steadfastness in the interviews you conduct.

So, how can you determine if a given candidate is dependable? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Review and discuss the candidate’s past work experience. Has the candidate changed jobs a lot? If so, find out why. Ask the candidate why he or she left previous employment and be sure to follow up with references to find out if the applicant was reliable or not.
  • Ask the right questions. During your interview, ask the candidate to describe his or her ideal work situation and to detail where he wants to be in five years. Does the candidate seem excited about the position and focused on how to be an asset to the organization, or is the candidate unfocused and uncertain of future goals? More reliable candidates usually have a clear focus on why they want the job and how their skills can benefit the organization.
  • Trust your instincts. Does the candidate show up on time? Does he or she look professional? Did the candidate do their research on the company? These are just some indicators that can help you determine if the applicant is going to be a hard worker or is just looking for a paycheck.

These tips can help you determine if a candidate is reliable, but it can still be a challenge to weed out which potential job applicants are going to be the best assets for your organization. When you work with a staffing agency that has experience, you can make the hiring process easier, as a staffing company will match you with candidates who are reliable, dedicated, and ready to succeed.  High Profile Staffing has a long track record of providing staffing solutions, so give us a call now at 972-991-7900 to learn how we can help your organization.