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Interview Questions to Learn About a Candidate’s Teamwork Skills

Teamwork skills are some of the most important skills that companies look for when hiring staff members. After all, if the people you bring on board are not team players, they are inevitably going to cause friction and impede productivity no matter how talented they are.

While it can be tricky to determine whether someone has good teamwork skills, asking these questions during the interview process can give you the insight you need to determine if you’re bringing a candidate on board who will be able to work well with others.

  • Provide an example of a successful project you were part of. When you ask this question, you not only want to pay attention to the description of the project, you also want to see how the candidate talks about its completion. If the candidate uses a lot of “I” statements and doesn’t make a point to recognize the contributions of other team members, this can be a major red flag the candidate doesn’t know how to share the limelight or work cooperatively.
  • Share an experience where teamwork enhanced your abilities. Good team players recognize that working with others makes their own work better. The candidate you are interviewing should be able to clearly explain how their own skills and abilities were enhanced by collaboration.
  • Tell me about a time you were on a team that struggled to accomplish a goal. Pay attention to both how the problem was solved and the ways in which the candidate talks about the issue. If the candidate casts blame on other team members rather than taking responsibility and discussing a shared effort to right the ship, this is a sign you don’t have a team player on your hands.

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