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Should You Invest in Continuing Employee Education

Many companies offer continuing employee education and ongoing training to workers. This training may be offered in-house, either by HR professionals or by bringing in experts in the industry.  In some cases, companies go beyond just offering internal training and actually pay for employees to earn degrees or to earn new credentials.

If your business is interested in cultivating top talent or in attracting qualified candidates, investing in your people makes a lot of sense.  There are many reasons why an investment in staff development in the form of offering continuing employee education can benefit your business. Some of the different advantages of offering in-house training or reimbursement for outside education include:

  • Improving your bottom line. When your employees are better leaders, have more industry training or are better educated, they are more likely to perform well in their positions. When staff members do well, are creative and innovative, and have advanced skills, your company does better. Your people are the key to business growth, and having the best people with the best training matters.
  • Keeping employees motivated and loyal. Employees are more likely to stay with a company that is investing in them, especially if the provided training can translate into internal promotions and opportunities for advancement. By taking the time to offer educational programs, leadership training, and industry-specific education, you can ensure your employees are more likely to remain with your company over the long-haul. 
  • Facilitating promotion from within. Promoting from within lets you take advantage of the benefits of institutional memory and allows you to reduce employee turnover. Educating and training your staff so they can be promoted to higher positions in your company also allows you to avoid outside recruiting, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Investing in your employees through industry training sessions, leadership courses, and other continuing employee education is a smart choice for businesses focused on maximizing the value of human capital.  High Profile Staffing can help you find qualified candidates who are worth investing in. Contact our experienced staffing professionals today at 972-991-7900 to learn more.