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Could a Wellness Program Benefit Your Employees?

For many companies, introducing some type of an employee wellness program is a smart investment. Employee wellness programs can boost employee motivation and help employees be healthier and more productive. However, while there are big benefits to employee wellness programs, there could also be some downsides as well.

If your business is considering the creation of a company wellness program, but you aren’t quite sure if creating a program is the right choice for your business, consider these factors:

  • What is the cost of the employee wellness program? Wellness programs may be as simple or as complicated as employers want them to be. Common programs, for example, could involve instituting a fitness program, offering preventative health screenings, or even providing incentives for employees to join a gym or to work out. Whatever you do, however, there is going to be an initial and ongoing cost associated with running the program. You’ll need to consider the financial expense and determine if it is worth the investment. 
  • What are the expected benefits of the employee wellness program? An employee wellness program may lower health insurance costs, lead to healthier employees, boost employee motivation and morale, and reduce absenteeism. While there is no guarantee that a wellness program will do any or all of these things, most employers who put programs into place do report having success. 
  • Will employees participate? Think about your corporate culture and about the makeup of your workforce. Are a significant number of your workers likely to actually participate in a wellness program if you offer one? If you create a program and few workers take advantage of it, your efforts could end up being just a waste of money and resources. 

While a wellness program can often increase employee motivation and productivity, no programs you offer are going to make a positive impact unless you have a great staff to begin with. High Profile can help you hire the best people in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas. Give us a call at 972-991-7900 or contact us online to get help from a staffing service who can work with your business to build the best possible workforce.