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Making Sure Your Leadership Style is the Right One

There are various types of leadership styles out there, each one suitable for different work environments. Depending on the culture of your organization, one leadership style may be more suited than others. This post shines a spotlight on different leadership styles, and shows you how to make sure your leadership style is the right one.

Let’s define the term “leader” first. A leader is anyone that’s part of a team (not necessarily the manager) that leads based on strengths. Usually leaders have experience in a particular area, and are able to think outside the box to help create solutions to your organization’s problems. Here are some types of leaders:

Autocratic – This type of leader is one who makes decisions without the input of others. Autocratic leaders are very authoritative, which doesn’t work for everyone. People who need a lot of supervision tend to do better with an autocratic leader, while people who are creative and enjoy being part of a team do not do well with this leadership style.

Participative – This leadership style is the opposite of autocratic. Participative leaders look for the input of others before making any decisions. Being participative boosts the morale of employees because they feel as though their input is truly valued, and it is. Participative leaders are great for organizations that need to make a change, because people are more receptive to this type of leader.

Laissez-faire – These leaders are completely hands off. It works well when leading highly experienced employees, as these people don’t necessarily need direct supervision. However, those who work under laissez-faire leaders might not get the feedback they need.

Transactional – Transactional leaders are very reward-oriented. These leaders set goals with their team, and if they are met, the employees are rewarded. As long as employees work with their manager toward the same goal, they tend to succeed.

These four types of leadership styles are just some of many that are found in the workplace. Contact one of our expert staffing professionals at High Profile to learn more about leadership styles and how they can successfully impact your organization.