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Using LinkedIn to Stand Out

Networking has long been the key to a successful job search. Today, networking is not just about the connections you can make in person but also about the connections you can make in the virtual world. Online social networks, and particularly LinkedIn, allow you to reach out to more people in your industry than ever before. If you can build a solid presence for yourself on LinkedIn, you can make connections to help you find open positions and you may even be able to get employers to recruit you once they see you are an industry leader.

Using LinkedIn effectively in your job search requires more than just signing up for the service. If you want to make the most of online networking opportunities provided by LinkedIn, you should:

  • Create a comprehensive profile. You want a profile that highlights your successes, provides concrete proof of your achievements, and that outlines your job goals for the future. Include descriptive headlines, job titles and descriptions, and other details you’d want potential employers to know.
  • Make connections. Once you are on LinkedIn, you need to begin reaching out to people in your industry. Making connection requests with strangers is rarely useful, so focus on people you have a connection with – whether through alumni networking, sharing past employers, online contact or shared group membership, or because you have an actual personal relationship.
  • Join and interact with groups and share content. Look for groups relevant to your industry where you can make a meaningful contribution. By sharing your content, publishing industry-specific information, interacting and talking with others, and becoming well known in groups, you can establish yourself as a leading voice within your industry. This makes you very attractive to potential employers.

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