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Finding the Perfect Job: How to Customize Your Resume to Get the Job

When you’re looking for a great new job, the first thing a potential employer will likely see is your resume. And making your resume stand out can be an essential piece of being considered for the best positions. But without going the route of perfume-scented cardstock and pink text, how can you make yourself stand out in a sea of candidates? Below, we’ll explore three ways to do just that.

Be Clear

The number one thing most employers are looking for in a new employee is their ability to communicate. In today’s workplace, the ability to easily get information between different departments of the company without communication barriers is just as important as your ability to pay attention to details. To help yourself come across as a good communicator, be clear and concise on your resume – no wordy sentences needed.

Be Information Creative

Since you want to come across as professional, using a bunch of different colors throughout your resume is a big no-no. But there are other ways to get creative on your resume – like through the type of information you include. Instead of going into a long-winded tirade on what your core responsibilities were at your last job, talk about how you helped the company. If you were able to save a client 20% on a project, include it. If you boosted sales revenue by $300,000, brag a little. Employees who save money and bring in more revenue are what employers are looking for – don’t be afraid to share your best accomplishments on your resume.

Don’t Be A Workaholic

Sometimes, it’s easy to think that employers are looking for the candidate who works the hardest and stays at the office the longest. That’s simply not true anymore – employers want new staff members who are well-rounded, as they tend to contribute better work and be more productive overall. Make sure you’re including what you do outside of your job on your resume. If you’re a great cook, include a tidbit about why. If you volunteer regularly, write about how you’ve helped to make a difference within your community. These are the things that give you personality on paper – which is what will ultimately help you stand out from the competition.

When it comes down to it, your resume is your first chance to stand out from the crowd. Making sure that it highlights your accomplishments in a way that communicates who you are and what your skills are – without looking childish – is essential. Follow these tips to find the perfect balance between creativity and professionalism.

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