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How to Effectively Clean up Your Social Media Accounts Before a Job Search

When you are undertaking a job search, there is a really good chance that your potential new employer will look at your social media profile. Unfortunately, many people post things on social media which may not be very impressive to an employer. If you want to come across as a candidate who has it all together and who can be trusted, you may want to clean up your social media accounts before jumping into your quest for employment.

So, how can you clean up your social media sites before your job search? Here are a few tips:

  • Look through past photographs. If you have pictures of you engaging in any reckless, lewd or even illegal behavior, it is time to wipe those pictures out. You should also be careful about being tagged in friends’ photos which could come up when your potential employer conducts a search of your name.
  • Be cautious about comments and status updates. You should avoid complaints about your current job, skip the profanity and avoid comments which could be seen as politically incorrect or offensive.
  • Limit your likes and apps. You don’t necessarily need to like or link to everything you are interested in, and you should definitely be careful about liking things or listing interests which could be seen as offensive or unprofessional.
  • Review past blog posts. If you have a blog, scrub it of offensive or controversial material which could potentially turn an employer off.

Taking a few minutes to clean up your social media can make a major positive impact when it comes to trying to impress your employer. You want to be seen as a mature professional, and your online brand should reflect that a mature professional is what you are.

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