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Standing Out During the Phone Interview

Today, many people start with a phone interview before advancing to an in-person meeting. It can be hard to come across as competent and skilled when you’re talking on the phone, but you want to do your best to make a favorable impression and stand apart as the ideal candidate. Some of the best ways to do that include:

  • Preparing in advance for the phone call. You need to be ready with relevant, timely answers to every question asked. This means researching common interview questions in advance to have good answers ready and preparing your elevator pitch to explain why you would be an ideal fit for the job. When you know what you want to say, you’ll come across as calm and assured over the phone.
  • Providing specific answers with relevant anecdotes. It can be hard for a person to learn much about you from a phone call without seeing you in person to read body language. That’s why you want to use the phone call to paint a picture of who you are as an employee. You should be ready to answer questions with specific past examples. Don’t just talk about your strong communications skills – provide an example of how you were able to communicate effectively to lead a project in the past.
  • Asking good questions of the interviewer. Chances are good you’ll be asked if you have questions. You should be prepared with some, so you can impress the interviewer with your knowledge about the position you’re interviewing for and the organization you would be working for.
  • Treating the interview professionally. You need to make sure you are prepared to treat the interview as a professional communication. This means finding a quiet place where you can talk without interruptions for as long as needed.

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