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Time Management Strategies to Improve Efficiency in the Workplace

In every office and every industry, there is one thing that keeps us from being as productive as we could be – distractions. Between phone calls, emails, an employee dispute or the CEO asking for last week’s quota reports, it might seem like a whole day can go by without actually accomplishing anything.

It’s up to employees, both permanent staff and contract workers, to find value in their jobs, but, likewise, management must keep them inspired. Motivating them to do their best results in stronger teams, better productivity and more efficient use of time. Developing your time management strategies can keep both you and your employees focused and on task. At High Profile Staffing, we know that few things are more rewarding than knowing you did your job well and that your hard work is valued by the whole team. We have created a list of four time-management strategies that will keep your staff inspired and productive.

 Four Easy Ways to Manage Time Better

  • Clear Out the Clutter: Schedule time to clear off your desk and clean out your Inbox. Every day, take 30 minutes – at the end of your shift or maybe right after lunch – to go through the piles of paperwork and files that tend to stack up when we’re running at full tilt.
  • Categorize Your Tasks: Think of everything you have to do in a day — you run one report, then turn to a different one, then move over to a different task.  Try to group these tasks by similarity so that you aren’t wasting time moving back and forth between unrelated tasks.
  • Set Daily, Weekly and Monthly Goals: Goal-setting is a tremendous motivator, and an outstanding way to accomplish tasks. Setting goals and outlining the steps needed to achieve them will help you learn to maximize your time. Consider holding a few catered lunches with a goal-setting training. This will not only teach your staff about time management, but will also make them feel appreciated, as well.
  • Work with “Urgent” and “Not Urgent” tasks: Throughout your day, organize your tasks into two major classifications – urgent and not urgent. As new assignments, emails and phone calls come in, file them immediately into one of these two categories. Obviously, work on your urgent assignments first and when that pile has emptied, move on to the other. This will help you use your time effectively to meet all your deadlines.

Never underestimate the power of time management.  Effective time management can be a mighty boost to productivity, even more so than expensive training or costly restructuring. However, sometimes more hands are needed on deck. If you are in need of getting a new project done on time, High Profile Staffing can help. As one of Dallas-Forth Worth’s top staffing firms, we have spent years providing businesses with employment solutions that address specific needs and reduce costs. Contact us today and find the highly trained direct hire and contract workers you need to maximize your team’s potential.