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Can You Turn an Assignment into a Full-Time Position?

If your career right now consists of working a temp assignment, you may want to turn that assignment into a full-time position. Not every temp job has the potential to turn into long-term work, but many employers will make the choice to bring skilled temp workers on as full-time members of the team.

When you are hoping for more stability and the benefits a full-time job can provide, the key is to make smart career moves while you are on assignment to convince the company you are worth hiring. Three key tips for turning an assignment into a full-time job include the following:

  • Let your recruiter know you’re looking for full-time work. There are some assignments that don’t have a chance of turning into full-time work no matter how well you perform. Others are much more likely to provide longer-term opportunities if you impress your boss. If your goal is to get a full-time job, but you are willing to take temp work, let your recruiter know so they can place you in a job where your skills can translate into future opportunity.
  • Learn as much as you can and show off your knowledge. A company is going to be much more likely to hire you full time if you show you can bring something unique to the table. The more skills and knowledge you have about the job you’re doing, the more likely it is you’ll be able to make valuable contributions that inspire the company to hire you. Make yourself seem so indispensable the company would feel they missed a major opportunity if they didn’t bring you on board as a part of the team.
  • Go the extra mile. Do not just do the minimum expected of you when on assignment. Do your best work and even consider stepping up and offering to take care of other tasks you feel would add value to the company. If the employer sees you as a team player who is committed to helping the company succeed, they’ll be more likely to decide to just make you a part of the company team.

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