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How Should I Write an Email to a Recruiter?

When you are working with a recruiter, you want to communicate clearly and professionally. Your recruiter needs to know what kind of job you’re looking for and what skills you have that make you a good fit for open positions. Recruiters also want to feel confident you are professional and have the talent necessary to impress hiring managers before they recommend you to companies looking to hire.

Because making a good impression on a recruiter matters, be professional in every interaction — including email. Some tips to make sure your email contacts are successful include the following:

  • Make your subject line effective. It’s best if the recruiter knows exactly what the purpose of the email is before opening it. This allows them to determine when to process the email and makes it easier for the recruiter to find it again in their inbox if follow-up is necessary.
  • Keep the email concise. Talented recruiters have several clients they are working with, and they spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect placement for job candidates. This means they do not have time to waste trying to parse overly long emails. To make your recruiter’s life easier and maximize the chances your email will accomplish its objective, keep the email short and get straight to the point of the communication.
  • Include the necessary details. While you want to ensure the email you’ve written is short, you must be detailed enough so the recruiter can help you without a lot of back and forth. Explain what you’re looking for from the recruiter and provide the background information necessary for them to easily provide you with answers or action steps.

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