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Say “Thanks, But No Thanks” the Right Way

Rejecting a candidate for a position in your company should always be done in a businesslike and gracious manner. This sets the right tone for how you want the company to be perceived and also builds good will that may prove helpful in the future.

Here’s a checklist of what should be done to say “Thanks, but no thanks” in a professional and respectful way: 

Don’t delay in contacting the applicant. When a decision has been made, send the letter as soon as possible. (But not too quickly, as this gives the impression the candidate wasn’t carefully considered.)

Personalize the letter. Address the applicant by name and thank him or her for taking time to apply for the position, take a test, show up for an interview, etc. This demonstrates your appreciation for the effort involved in responding to your open position.

Don’t beat around the bush. Get to the point in a clear, courteous way. No one wants to hunt through a forest of words for the point of the letter.

Emphasize the positive. Yes, this is a rejection letter, but you can still mention something positive, such as the candidate’s impressive resume. And, if appropriate, encourage him or her to apply for another position in the future.

Always end on an upbeat note. Thank the applicant once again for applying and interviewing for the open position. Wish him or her luck in the search for future employment.

What should not be included in a rejection letter is any mention of the experience and qualifications of other candidates. Information like this can be easily misinterpreted and result in confusion and potential hurt feelings. And don’t say “We will keep your resume on file” if you have no intention of looking at it again.

No one likes to send bad news, but when you do so in a thoughtful and humane way, it says a lot about who your company is and why you’re committed to being an employer of choice.

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