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Should I Work Temporary Assignments if I’m Looking for a Full-Time Position?

Are you on the hunt for a full-time job? It can be tough to stomach taking a part-time or temporary assignment during your search, but the truth is that it can offer many benefits. And it’s very likely to get you closer to achieving the full-time position that you’re aiming for.  

Here are some great reasons to work temporary assignments even if you’re looking for a full-time job:  

You’ll get more experience. 

It never hurts to add more experience under your belt, and temporary positions can easily give you that. Not only will you be getting hands-on work experience with additional teams, company structures, and software, you’ll be able to add to your resume and expand your possibilities even further. 

You’ll keep your knowledge current.

If you spend a long time looking for a full-time job, you can start to fall out of practice in your field. That’s another benefit of temporary positions: they keep your knowledge and skillset current so that you don’t fall behind. It never hurts to keep up with your craft — in fact, it’s essential.  

You’ll avoid any gaps on your resume.

No employer likes to look at a resume and see large gaps between jobs. Temporary positions are the ideal solution. They fill those gaps with helpful experience and give your resume a seamless flow. No hiring manager will question why you were out of work for a few months or what you did during that time, because there isn’t any gap to catch their attention.  

You can explore new industries.

If you can land a temporary position that gives you experience in a slightly different field or area, you’ve just expanded your skillset. And that makes you valuable to an entirely new swath of companies. Temporary jobs are a great way to explore new industries or specialties to find out if you like them and/or if you have a knack for them. 

You’ll grow your professional network.

Accepting temporary jobs is also a fantastic way to grow your network. It never hurts to know more peers in your field, as well as supervisors, team leads and hiring managers who might be able to help you out in the future.  

It might lead to full-time work.

Keep in mind that many temporary positions can lead to a full-time job, especially if they’re described as temp-to-hire positions. So taking that temporary position might just pay off with a full-time gig and save you the hassle of the job search!  

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