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Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Social media is everywhere these days, and is an extremely useful tool for small businesses. Chances are your clients are utilizing social media, and if they are, you should be too. The recruiting experts at High Profile have created a list of tips to get your small business up and running on social media.

Tip 1 – Create a social media strategy. Without a strategy, it’s very easy for your social media ideas to fall through. Ask yourself important questions including: Who is my target audience? What do I want them to do? Why am I spending time and money on social media? What is the optimal outcome for my business?

Tip 2 – Decide how your social media strategy will fit into your overall business plan. Keep in mind, social media is not the whole approach. Social media works in conjunction with sales and marketing efforts.

Tip 3 – Choose your social media platforms carefully. Don’t feel the need to be on every social media platform out there. Pick the platforms that are going to be an extension of your brand and best meet the needs of your target demographic.

Tip 4 – As part of your social media strategy, be sure to pick a social media management tool. Tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck allow you to coordinate all of your feeds on one screen, schedule posts, and more.

Tip 5 – Use social media monitoring to track your company’s social media activity. You don’t want customer queries to go unnoticed, and you want to be aware of what others are saying about your brand.

Tip 6 – Dedicate an employee as your social media manager. This person should be someone who knows your company well, and someone you can trust. Trying to take on the task of social media is a large one, and by having someone dedicated to the job will make things easier.

Tip 7 – Create a social media policy and educate your employees on how the social media policy applies to them. The policy isn’t effective until employees completely understand and follow the rules.

Remember, this list isn’t all inclusive of everything involving social media, but it is a great tool to get your small business rolling. For more information on utilizing social media for your business, contact us today!