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How Successful Companies Hire

Companies big and small are always looking to hire the best people for the least amount of time and money. The recruitment process isn’t always easy, but many companies’ processes could use a makeover. Our team at High Profile has designed this post to help your organization understand how successful companies hire.

A recent survey by ACT Bridge found that 56% of U.S. employers don’t even measure the return they’re getting on talent investments. So if you’re one of these companies, it’s time to streamline your recruiting process and make some changes for the better.

Start by utilizing your current employees. Develop an employee referral program. When employees enjoy where they work, they are more likely to recommend their company to others when positions arise. Since employees understand the company and the company culture, they are able to successfully recommend candidates who end up staying longer. Another reason to utilize an employee referral program is directly related to the cost of a bad hire. Did you know that one bad hire could cost as much as five times that hire’s annual salary? This should be reason enough to really invest in an employee referral program.

To get employees invested in the program, make it accessible to all workers and incorporate it into the company culture. Employees should know the program’s ins and outs, and realize how important it is to your organization. Incentivizing employees with money or paid time off is also a great way to get them to participate.

Company culture truly is key. Working internally to establish a culture where employees are satisfied with their environment, enjoy working and can thrive in their positions creates a positive atmosphere that will not only retain employees but attract new talent. Having a strong culture is a key trait for a company looking to attract top candidates.

Creating a strategic hiring plan for your company and establishing a strategic partnership with your recruiting firm will allow your recruiters to focus their time and energy on helping you fulfill your short- and long-term staffing goals.

Showcasing a great company culture and working closely with your staffing partner are keys to a successful hiring process. For more tips on hiring strategies, contact one of our recruiters today!