Working with High Profile Staffing is always a pleasure. I have known the ladies for over a year and when it came time to start a new career search, I knew who to call. They made sure they understood my career needs and found a company that fits both of our needs perfectly. Everyone at High Profile is friendly and willing to go the extra mile – as long as you are, too.

Amanda Fancher

My relationship with High Profile has benefited me beyond expectation. The process I was going through to find employment after my layoff was tedious, exhausting and not at all successful. I soon realized that I was going to need more than an impressive job history to find a great job. I needed to find a business partner who would work tirelessly for me. From the first moment I met this team, I knew that this was meant to be. They immediately became more than just a partner in helping me find employment; they took the time to understand my needs and were both honest and empathetic. I left their office feeling energized and positive. Within weeks they presented me with an outstanding job opportunity at a privately held company in Dallas. They encouraged me, believed in me relentlessly and provided immediate feedback that assisted me through the interview process. I am happy to report that I received and accepted the offer. They cared about my well-being and checked on me frequently once I was hired. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the staff at High Profile. I have recommended High Profile to all my friends and colleagues, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an agency that will work for you and with you.

Jan Haughey

My experience with High Profile has been excellent, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a job. Even if they can’t help you, they will refer you to someone who can. They actually care about you landing in the right position, which is not common amongst the staffing industry and is exactly what sets High Profile apart from the rest. My recruiter listened well and truly worked to find me the position that I was looking for, and not just whatever position she had available. She was open and honest about the kinds of positions she lined up for me to interview; there was no pretense on whether a position was temp, temp-to-hire, or direct hire. Prior experiences with a different staffing agency were the extreme opposite, with condescending recruiters attempting to push me into positions I didn’t want and even lying about the type of position – e.g., “temp-to-hire” assignments that turned out to be only temporary; and considering the other agency had in the past placed other people on those exact roles (employees do talk), the recruiters were well aware that these positions were never intended to be temp–to-hire positions, not to mention they turned out to be project-based roles. High Profile is well respected, well-connected, professional and considerate of both clients and candidates. I am thankful for them!

Evelyn Bitencourt

When I moved here from Florida, I was referred to High Profile by my daughter-in law. What a great suggestion. I have found that High Profile not only sends you to the most outstanding companies, but that some companies are staffed with former High Profile candidates. The most repeated comment about High Profile from candidates I worked with is: “High Profile is the only staffing company that called me back.” This is quite an endorsement because I’m sure we’ve all been frustrated by lack of communication from other staffing companies. All in all, High Profile is extremely organized and has a very loyal following of desirable Dallas companies. It has been my pleasure to work with High Profile.

Lee Roberts

Please don’t think this company focuses on administrative staffing needs only; because of the team’s genuine and friendly demeanor and top-of-the-line professionalism, they see jobs come through for various levels. I am excited that I met with their accounting recruiters, who stayed in contact with me, as well as kept my name and resume in front of their peers. As a result of this, and the steadfastness of their team approach, I will be starting a permanent position after two years of searching for the position and company that best fit my needs and expectations. I tip my hat to this group of amazing recruiters, and it has been an absolute joy working with them.

Pamela Caston

High Profile’s recruiters are exceptional. They are thorough, consistent and genuinely care.

Bethany Gillam, Omni Hotels

High Profile always goes the extra mile to get the right person for the position.

Cathy Mergen, Atmos Energy

High Profile’s professionalism is impressive. I feel they truly have our interests at heart.

Ken Alexander, Holly Corp

Having lived in Europe for the past seven years and facing the daunting task of entering back into the American workforce, High Profile Staffing helped bridge the gap and make that transition much less stressful and much more obtainable. They gave me the confidence and ability to understand how the skills I gained overseas would be able to translate in Corporate America.

From the very beginning, I found High Profile to be an agency that works for you and not against you by promoting and utilizing the skills of the individual. I feel High Profile went above and beyond the call of duty many times over during my few short months with them. The assignments they gave me were always fun, challenging and provided the opportunity to learn something new.

The staff itself at High Profile is extremely professional and incredibly outstanding. They exude nothing but warmth and kindness. Because they love what they do, they work ceaselessly and tirelessly to genuinely help their clients in whatever capacity they can.

All in all, my experience with High Profile was incredible. I have absolutely no regrets in having built a professional relationship with such a wonderful company. Should I ever find myself in need of a job anytime in the future, High Profile will be the first door I walk through to help me begin that process. I cannot recommend this company highly enough!

Emily Olles

High Profile has added value to my life personally and professionally. A year ago, I was unemployed due to a company layoff. One of the High Profile Recruiters contacted me on a Tuesday to interview on a Friday, and I received an assignment that following Thursday. As you can see, High Profile works quickly and handles each employee or prospective candidate with care.

Since my experience with High Profile, I have incorporated that type of professionalism and compassion in my own career and since then, my assignment has turned into a permanent position with an outstanding organization where I have continued to flourish. Thank you High Profile!

Kenny Braxton