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The Company with Heart Shares the Love With Needy Kids

As our global community continues to help those in need, many among us are striving to find new ways to reach out. Over the years, High Profile Staffing has been able to help many charities through their Good Works! program, and they continue to strive to make a difference for their clients, their employees, and the community. Always known as “the company with heart”, they’ve now turned their attention to bellies- specifically, the empty stomachs of needy children, through a partnership between MannaRelief and the Good Works! program.

Callie Miller of High Profile presents Clark Diemer of MannaRelief with a check that will provide 138 children with PhytoBlend™ powder for an entire month!

MannaRelief is an organization that provides nutritional supplements to children across the globe to combat malnutrition- the number one killer of children worldwide. Founded in 1999, by Sam and Linda Caster, the efforts of MannRelief have had an impact on over 100,000 children, in 80 different countries! They’ve supplied over 25 million servings of nutritional supplements to orphans all over the world.

High Profile Staffing is very excited to be able to provide support for such a worthy cause through their Good Works! program. They’ve had plenty of experience, having helped dozens of charities with their community outreach program, through which they mobilize their staff, involve their clients and publicly commit funds to deserving local charities. Now you can help too! Get involved in the MannaRelief “Give For Real” program, by following these two simple steps:

  • Visit, and decide which products you’d like to consume every month.
  • Sign up for Automatic Order. You’ll receive a ten percent discount and your order will arrive at your door every 28 days. That’s all you have to do and Mannatech does the rest!

For every purchase on Automatic Order, Mannatech donates nutritional supplements formulated using Real Food Technology® solutions to at-risk children through the MannaRelief foundation. With the help of High Profile Staffing, and other caring individuals, MannaRelief will continue to help kids survive and thrive. How thrilling for High Profile to be in a position to not only link people with meaningful jobs, but also help them to have a more meaningful existence, through helping others!

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