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The Five Things Job Seekers Want Most: Do You Know What They Are?

Job seekers are pickier than you might think. Even those who have been unemployed don’t want to take just any job—they want the right job. And you want the right employees. How can you make sure your job openings are going to be attractive to candidates? You need to know what they’re looking for.

Which factors do job candidates think are the most important when evaluating employers and potential job opportunities? Here are the top five:

Compensation: No surprise here: most workers put compensation first when considering new opportunities. What does this mean for you? You need to evaluate your compensation strategy to make sure you’re offering competitive pay and benefits.

Benefits: In addition to a competitive salary, you should also be offering benefits that employees will use. Survey your employees to see which benefits they’re using and most appreciate, and decide whether you should replace any components of your current offerings with new, desirable ones. If you can offer something the competition doesn’t, you’ll have an edge when negotiating with potential employees.

Advancement: Don’t think of advancement only in terms of promotions. Employees want to see that they have the chance to learn new skills and take on diverse projects, rather than being limited in their job paths. Show candidates how you support your employees’ abilities, professional success and career development, and they’ll look at you as a favorable employer.

Work-Life Balance:  How can you show a true commitment to this concept? Too many companies say they care about their people and want them to have work-life balance but, in reality, they expect their people to put in a 60- to 70-hour work week. Again, talk to your current employees and see whether they’re satisfied with their work arrangements. Are there opportunities for you to be more flexible?

Management Appreciation: Do you tell your employees when they’re doing a good job? Do you offer incentives or rewards? It’s been proven that companies that make an effort to recognize their employees have a competitive advantage. And showing prospective employees that you have a supportive corporate culture is a big plus.

With our years of experience working with all types of candidates, High Profile Staffing knows exactly what kinds of companies are the most popular with job seekers. Contact us today to discuss how you can stay competitive in the long run.