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The Future of Work and the Current State of Hiring in the Dallas Area

As High Profile Staffing collected data from our clients about their company’s future plans, we also surveyed our candidates. This gave us unique insights into the factors that determine candidates’ interest in moving forward with new opportunities—it helps all of us better understand the future of work, and what to expect in the Dallas hiring market. Read on for some key takeaways.  

What types of work are candidates interested in? 

When asked what kind of career opportunities candidates were interested in, the results were split somewhat evenly. 54% say they’re interested in direct hire roles, or permanent opportunities directly with the employer. The remaining 46% say they’re interested in contract or contract-to-hire roles; short or long-term positions or opportunities that have the possibility to go permanent.  

What pay rates do candidates expect?  

What pay rates would incentivize candidates to accept a contract position? The median answer is between $25 and $30 an hour. To put it simply: Companies around the Dallas area need to be willing to pay well if they expect to attract candidates to contract positions—and keep them there.  

Are candidates open to one-day contract assignments? 

The answer to this question is varied. 59% of respondents say that they’re open to one-day contracts depending on the company, the location, and the pay. 26% want only week-long assignments or longer, and the remaining 15% are open to any contract assignments available. 

Are candidates willing to be vaccinated? 

The majority of candidates (64%) responded that yes, they would be willing to pursue an opportunity that requires the COVID-19 vaccine. 31% said that no, they wouldn’t. And the remaining 5% said they would possibly be willing to be vaccinated to land a position.  

Hire Top Talent in Dallas 

It’s hard to say exactly what the future of work and hiring will look like—if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few years, it’s that predictions can always be wrong. But it seems clear that candidates are interested in both permanent and contract work, they expect to be compensated fairly, and that one-day assignments depend largely on the company, location, and pay. Additionally, most candidates are willing to be vaccinated for the right position.  

If you’re struggling to find the talent you need, let High Profile Help. Contact us online and download our Future of Work survey to view the results for yourself.