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The Way We Search for Jobs has Changed – Have You?

Only a few years ago, when we all enjoyed a far more robust economy, finding a job wasn’t nearly the challenge it is today. But if your job search strategy bears more resemblance to the “good ol’ days” than to today’s conditions, you may not encounter much luck in your quest for the ideal job. 

Active, not passive

When times are good and jobs plentiful, businesses make the effort to find good candidates. When unemployment is up, the responsibility to get noticed falls on the job-seeker. Fortunately, there are many online tools to fuel your active search, from major job boards and search engines to networking sites and social media. “Active” also means attending local and regional job fairs and hiring events.

You’re not the only one

We probably don’t need to tell you that for every open position, there’s a lot of competition – more job candidates than jobs, in other words. So how do you stand out from the pack? It takes energy and imagination, and a demonstrated willingness to take the initiative in finding a new position. Your best strategy, experts say, is to present yourself to potential employers as solution-oriented, meaning, “Here’s how my skills and experience can benefit your organization.”

Mistakes will cost you

Back in the day, employers tolerated a few typos or misspellings in your resume or application materials. No more. With many more candidates than open positions, recruiters have no patience for sloppy resumes or careless behavior during interviews. Check your resume (and double-check it). Don’t give anyone an easy reason to say “No”.

One size does not fit all

Speaking of resumes, are you still sending out the same one to different job postings? Recruiters and hiring managers are too sophisticated to let something like that slide. If they don’t feel you care enough to craft a resume targeted for their job opening, they’ll toss yours aside and move on to the next. Yes, it takes more time and energy, but you must put your best foot forward and demonstrate with specific detail why you’re the right person for the job.

Networking always matters

In the past, “networking” consisted solely of showing up at local gatherings or trade shows as a means of meeting the right people. Today, networking encompasses social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin – where recruiters and candidates alike are looking for each other. Your goal is to continuously build new relationships, expanding your personal and professional networks so you either know – or know someone else who knows – a person in the company you’d like to work for. Having that kind of connection works wonders.

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