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Tips for Identifying Workplace Performance Problems

Performance problems on the part of your employees can quickly sideline your business’s productivity and bottom-line numbers. As a manager or supervisor, it’s your responsibility to identify these issues quickly so they can be addressed before things get worse. Here are three tips to help you identify workplace performance problems and keep your operations running smoothly.

Keep Track of Absenteeism or Lateness

If an employee is frequently absent or chronically late, there’s a good chance their work isn’t being performed at the highest level. While everyone needs a day off here and there, and anyone can be late from time to time, consistent tardiness or absenteeism is a cause for concern. It might even be a sign an employee has lost passion or interest in their position, or they’re looking for work elsewhere. Take note of frequent sick days or constant lateness so you can get to the bottom of the problem.

Measure Productivity

Measure your employees’ productivity in concrete ways so you can spot any outliers right away. These measurements might involve production numbers, rate of project completion, percentage of missed goals or other metrics that suit your needs. If you look at your data at the end of the current month or quarter and find that one employee has had a significant drop in productivity, you have a workplace performance issue to deal with.

Have One-on-One Meetings

Hold regular evaluations and meetings with your team members, and don’t be afraid to have informal conversations regarding employees’ happiness and job satisfaction.

When you do identify a workplace performance issue coming from a single employee, talk with them to see if you can determine the root of the issue. Often, having an honest conversation will help both parties to understand each other and resolve the issue quickly and without incident.

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