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Tips on Conducting Video Interviews

Video interviews were around long before the pandemic, but COVID certainly made them more commonplace. And it’s safe to say that they’re here to stay. While video interviews are convenient, they do have some shortcomings. It’s often harder to tell whether or not a candidate is a right fit over a video feed. So, how can you conduct the best video interview possible?

Here are four quick tips for conducting your next video interview successfully:

Pay attention to your body language.

It’s best to treat the video interview just like an in-person chat. Remember that more than half of human communication is nonverbal, and much of the remainder is accounted for by tone of voice. How you hold yourself and how you talk are just as important as what you say, and that’s even more important in a video interview. Sit up straight, maintain eye contact, and demonstrate that you’re listening to the candidate. Otherwise, they may get the impression that the call isn’t important to you.

Highlight your company’s great culture.

Since the candidate can’t be in your office to experience your company’s culture firsthand, you’ll have to make a point to highlight it during your discussion. Talk about your core values and the company’s mission, and how your entire team facilities that every day. Give the candidate a sense of what it’s like to work alongside the team and what a normal day is like. These steps are the best way to showcase your company culture, even if it’s just through a video feed.

Log on early.

You don’t want to log on late, having left the candidate wondering if they’re in the right place. It’s always wise to be on the call first, before your candidate. Logging on early also gives you a chance to make sure your audio and video are working properly.

Be professional — and considerate.

Again, you should conduct a video interview with the same professionalism and approach that you would any in-person interview. But remember that the video interview is, in fact, a different thing than the interviews you’re used to. Be sure to thank the candidate for their flexibility and forgive any distractions or interruptions that may occur on the candidate’s end during your interview. It’s all part of the new normal.

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