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Tips to Help Your Employees Manage Stress During Tax Season

Let’s face it: taxes are stressful. Tax season comes around every year, and it can be a difficult time for both individuals filing their taxes as well as the accountants and tax professionals preparing those filings. Do you wish there was something you could do to help your employees manage their stress this time of year?  

Here are a few tips on helping your team members experience less stress during tax season.   

Get Documents Out on Time 

There’s nothing worse than waiting on key documents from your place of employment and wondering if you’ll have to wait to file your taxes. So get your accounting department in order and make sure all tax documents are sent out to employees on time. That way, employees can go about filing their taxes early if they so choose, rather than waiting until right before the April 15th deadline.  

Provide Tax Tips 

Consider sending out a simple email or holding a quick meeting with a few tips on preparing and filing taxes. You might include important deadlines regarding taxes, general tips on making filing easier, and things to remember when preparing taxes or dealing with a professional accountant. For employees, knowing that you’re there to help and thinking of their well-being during tax season can be very beneficial.  

Promote Self-Care 

Before, during, and after tax season, be sure to promote self-care among your employees. This is especially important if you’re in the accounting industry and are hard at work preparing thousands of tax returns, but self-care for employees in other fields is also important! Encourage your staff members to maintain their health by exercising and eating right. Try bringing in a guest speaker like a mindfulness coach or a yoga instructor, who can help employees manage their stress during this time of the year.  

Offer Extra Perks 

Why not offer your employees some extra perks during tax season to keep their spirits up? It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Something as simple as a box of donuts in the break room, or an extra casual day during the week, can make a big difference.   

Watch for Burnout 

Keep a close eye out for signs of burnout among your team members — things like low morale, poor work performance, and irritability signal that something is wrong. It’s not uncommon during tax season, so you’ll want to deal with the problem as soon as you recognize it.  

Taxes aren’t fun, but you can take some simple steps to make this time of year a little easier for employees. And before you know it, taxes will be over with until next year!  

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