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Top Ideas for Recruiting the Best Candidates!

Ever wonder how some companies are constantly hiring the best of the best? Those companies most likely have a pre-qualified pool of candidates before they even need to hire. The key is to develop relationships with potential candidates before a job opening even occurs. If you’re looking for the best ways to recruit the best candidates, then you’ve found the right post. Our expert staffers at High Profile have compiled some ideas for recruiting the cream of the crop.

A job description with requirements is important for potential candidates, but step it up a notch by really dissecting what the job entails.  Start by gathering current employees that hold a similar, if not the same, position. With this group of people, list the top behavioral characteristics that the ideal candidate would have, as well as the crucial responsibilities that the position requires. This might sound like a lot of effort, but it will help the entire process run smoothly.

Encourage your employees to tap their network for potential candidates. Word travels fast so let employees know when a position becomes available. Utilize social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to name a few. Work events are also a great way to meet potential candidates. Take advantage of the company booth at an upcoming trade show to meet and greet with not only customers but also possible candidates.

Pay any related fees for employees who are interested in attending trade groups, joining associations, or attending conferences. These places are great ways to meet potential candidates in your industry. Every once in awhile, have employees create a master list of the industry leaders and potential future employees they meet. Include notes in the list, things like who met them, where, when, and something they discussed.

Don’t be afraid to use recruiters. Aside from your own efforts, recruiters are a great addition to the hiring process. They have the expertise in hiring the best candidates, so have them help you find the best candidates for your organization.  It might seem unnecessary to pay someone to do the search, but at the end of the day someone is taking the time out of their job to help find potential candidates.

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