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Top Telling Signs You Love Your Job

You may not come into work with a giant smile on your face each morning, and you certainly aren’t shouting it from the rooftops.  But, there are many ways to tell if you love your job. Don’t get us wrong, not every job is perfect, but it is important to enjoy what you do. You may not be doing what you love 100 percent of the time but, when you do love your job, there are things that should be true most of the time.

You don’t waste your time talking about other people; instead you talk about interesting things other people are working on. When you love your job, you aren’t interested in the day-to-day gossip. You actually enjoy talking about the successes of your colleagues and other cool things happening around the workplace because you are happy with yourself and your work.

Your mindset changes from “I hope I don’t have to…” to “I really hope I get to…” When you love what you’re doing, you’re interested in learning as much as possible and uncovering new projects and ideas.

You enjoy your time at work. Let’s face it, most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work. People who are truly happy with their job actually enjoy spending time at work. You aren’t focused on the “get in, work, and get out” mentality. You make your job part of your life and enjoy doing so.

You would recommend working at your company to your friends and family. You really love your job when you are telling your best friend all about it and even suggest that he/she should apply.

Meetings are actually beneficial. Employees who love their job enjoy attending meetings because it is actually fun to be involved in discussions. It not only gives you the opportunity to learn more about your company, it also allows you to participate in initiatives, decisions, and changes.

Your manager is someone you work with, not for. Feeling respected, trusted and, most importantly, valued is key for people to be happy at work. If you have these feelings, chances are you are happy at your job.

You don’t want to let your coworkers down. It’s not because you are worried they will tell your boss, it’s because you genuinely care about their opinion. You see them as valuable members of the team, and you want them to see you that way in return.

Time flies! When you love your job, you hardly ever look at the clock because you are too busy making things happen.

You help others without thinking. As we mentioned above, you like to see your colleagues succeed. This just makes helping them out second nature.

If any of these telling signs apply to you, congratulations…you love your job! When you look forward to going to work each day, you truly are fortunate. If none of these characterize your current work situation, contact us today and we will happily help you out.