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Traits of a Good Leader That People Want to Follow

Is your organization hiring for a leadership role? When you’re placing someone in an important strategic position, you’ll want to make sure they possess the qualities of a leader that other people want to follow. That way, you’re setting up the team and the entire company up for success.

What qualities should you look for when assessing candidates for leadership roles? Here are just a few of the best traits of a good leader that the rest of the team will want to follow.

5 Leadership Traits That Attract Followers


Something that any good leader should have is a vision for the future. The future of the company, the future of the team they’re leading, and the future of their own career as well. A quality leader will be able to see the big picture of where things are heading and direct the team in that direction. They should also be able to impart that vision and get others excited about it moving forward.

Strategic Thinking

Leaders must be able to think strategically about the situation they’re stepping into. That means assessing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to help the team grow and avoid pitfalls as time goes on. When your organization hires a leader, be sure to ask them what they see as the biggest risks and biggest opportunities they’re about to take over.

Communication Skills

A leader without good communication skills won’t be very successful. Any leader worth their salt must be able to interact with various people and personalities genuinely. That means practicing active listening skills, empathy, and engaging in conversations regularly with everyone they work with.


Leaders who aren’t self-aware can start to cause issues in any organization, and they tend to be less than well-liked by the people working under them. On the other hand, a leader who is very self-aware and understands their place in the organization and their own strengths and weaknesses is much more effective.


We all know that things in the workplace can change at a moment’s notice. Flexibility and adaptability are essential for anyone heading up a team or department. When you’re reviewing candidates for leadership positions, ask them how they’ve demonstrated flexibility in the past to achieve success even in the face of challenging obstacles.

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