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Treat the Job Applicant Like a VIP

To recruiters, it may seem at times like you’re in the middle of a job-applicant assembly line. One candidate after another sends in a resume, comes in for an interview, asks the same questions, etc. It’s easy to forget that every job-seeker is actually a real person – someone you might seriously consider bringing into your organization. 

So think about the impression you’ll make by treating a job applicant like a VIP.

This isn’t about rolling out a red carpet or hiring a marching band. Rather, a small – but impactful – gesture could not only make the applicant feel this is a special place to work for, it could also sharply improve results when word gets out about your fresh approach to recruitment.

Of course, the basics have to be in place before applying the “special touch.” As always, job descriptions should be clear and informative, employment applications easy to complete and so on. With that covered, consider some extra little things that will make your recruitment process stand out.

Offer a sincere and friendly welcome. Job-seekers are accustomed to being shunted off to a corner of the waiting room until someone calls them. What if the first person to greet them offers a cheerful welcome? What if you follow this up by stepping out of your office and greeting them with a smile and hand-shake? Make the candidate feel as if their appearance is the high point of your day.

Be sensitive to their needs. In addition to a warm greeting, the receptionist can offer bottled water or directions to the restroom–whatever small touch that shows concern for the applicant’s comfort. (It won’t hurt if you repeat the offer when they enter your office.)

Offer a “parting gift”.  What sort of promotional or marketing items does your company offer customers? Why not extend the same offer to job candidates? Upon concluding the interview, give the applicant a coffee mug or t-shirt with your company’s embossed name on it. Everybody likes getting something for free, even more so when it feels like a token of your appreciation for coming in to meet you.

Give promising candidates a quick tour of the office. When you decide the candidate is worth bringing in for a second interview, ask if they would like to take a few minutes to look around the place. Your assistant (or you, if you have the time) can walk them around and let them get a feel for things – yet another small but significant touch that makes them feel like a VIP.

We all know how stressful a job interview can be. That’s why any, or all, of the above will come as a very pleasant surprise and create a powerfully favorable impression. Word gets around. Others will learn about your approach and go out of their way to learn more about your company’s hiring needs.