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Turn Photos into Videos to Draw Customers, Job Candidates

If a picture tells a thousand words, imagine how much more a video created from pictures can tell!

A hot new trend for businesses seeking to attract both customers and qualified job candidates is converting photos into videos you can upload to your blog and website. It’s a great way to promote your product or services, and also give job-seekers a peek into your company culture.

One online service that turns photos into video is called Animoto, which uses state-of-the-art cinematography to create a video from images, video clips and music. All those photos you have from last year’s holiday party? Or photos of your team hard at work in the field? These are all fodder for what can become an entertaining showcase for your business.

The process for turning photos into video is simple:

  • Upload images to Animoto
  • Identify those images you want to highlight
  • Select a music track to accompany the video (one you upload or one from the online service)
  • Click “create video”
  • Upload the video to your computer and/or YouTube
  • Make alternative videos by clicking “Remix”

The goal with these videos is to redirect traffic from the sites where they’re posted – YouTube, Facebook, Flickr or other video-hosting sites – to your website or blog. Viewers can also spread the word about your videos via Twitter or other social media outlets. It’s a great way to get your business noticed by the right people!

With the free version of Animoto’s program, you can create numerous 30-second videos, while the paid or business option includes any amount of videos at any length (along with production of high-definition versions). Text can be added to the videos as well.

Consider this new video-marketing approach while planning your next recruiting campaign. You’ll be sure to boost response among job candidates who get a chance to see your business in motion.

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