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How to Be Mindful of Unconscious Bias in Your Hiring Process

Has unconscious bias seeped into your hiring process? The thing about unconscious bias is, well… it’s unconscious, so it’s easy for it to go unnoticed. It can create imbalances in the hiring process and make for a less diverse workplace, which you don’t want. So, what can you do to be aware of unconscious bias and root it out? 

Four Ways to Minimize Bias in Your Hiring Process

Standardize the interview process.  

While every interview conversation will take its own course, standardizing the process as much as possible is a critical step in eliminating unconscious bias. If two candidates are asked an entirely different set of questions, there’s no hope of fairness. When you structure all interviews in the same way and ensure that every candidate gets asked the same questions, it levels the playing field.

Use validated assessments.  

Do you use skill or personality assessments as a part of your screening, interviewing, and hiring process? First, make sure that they’re validated assessments. Unvalidated assessments have the potential to be rife with bias that can throw your whole hiring process off. On the other hand, validated assessments use scientific approaches to ensure bias stays out of the process.  

Diversify your hiring team and process. 

How can your candidate pool be diverse if the team assessing and interviewing them isn’t? Diversity attracts more diversity every time. So, be sure to include a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and worldviews in your hiring team. You’ll see that directly reflected in the talent pool that your team ends up interviewing.  

Conduct blind resume reviews. 

Do you conduct blind resume reviews to make sure there’s no bias inherent in the process? A blind resume review means removing all candidate names, ages, and other personal information when you’re screening resumes. This ensures that no subconscious or unconscious bias can occur when you’re evaluating whom you’d like to hear more from.  

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