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What Does the Data Say About Overcoming Hiring and Retention Problems This Year?

2020 and 2021 were challenging years for hiring and retention. And 2022 looks to continue the trend. With The Great Resignation in full swing and employers having as hard a time as ever finding—and retaining—qualified talent, things aren’t likely to get any easier. What does the data say about overcoming these problems in 2022? 

Here’s what to expect:  

Remote work continues to be popular.  

According to a study by the American Staffing Association (ASA), preferred work arrangements have shifted considerably since the beginning of the pandemic. And this is plain to see—many shifted to work-from-home and other remote or hybrid arrangements, and these policies are here to stay. The ASA’s survey found that nearly 70% of respondents find working remotely more desirable than at an onsite location.  

What does this mean for your company? To remain competitive, you’ll need to keep remote arrangements available, flexible scheduling options like hybrid work weeks an option, and variable start and end times. Otherwise, candidates will start fleeing for greener pastures.  

The desire for temporary work depends on the industry.  

The ASA survey finds that opinions are split regarding temporary gigs versus permanent positions. 30% of respondents said that temporary assignments have become less desirable since the pandemic, while another 30% say taking on temporary placements through staffing firms has become more desirable. To some extent, it appears that this difference of opinion depends on the industry. Healthcare workers, for example, are less likely to view temporary assignments as desirable. But IT workers are more interested in temporary work now than they were before, likely because of many companies going remote.  

Candidates are still worried about health and safety. 

Even though we’re well past the “lockdown” phase of the pandemic, new variants of the virus and ongoing health concerns continue to play a role in hiring and retention. To put it simply, many workers are still concerned about their health and wellness. Companies need to have clear, proactive plans to address concerns and maintain workplace safety as people return to the office.  

Overcome Your Hiring Challenges With High Profile 

There’s no question that finding and retaining great people will continue to be a challenge as we move through 2022. If you’re struggling, contact High Profile for help. Get in touch online or call 972-991-7900.