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What Happens if My Employees Don’t Want to Come Back Into the Office?

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become the norm for many employees across a wide variety of industries. And that has an impact on many of those industries. Many employees would prefer to continue working remotely rather than come back into the office. As a department head or supervisor, what are you supposed to do in response?

Try a modified schedule.

Many organizations report that productivity has remained high even with many or all employees working from home. So, there’s no compelling reason to have employees return to full-time office work in many cases. You might consider implementing a modified schedule in this case. Many companies are offering flexible hours in which an employee can choose to work remotely certain days while coming into the office on others. That way, your employees get the best of both worlds—the flexibility of remote work and the comradery of in-office shifts. See if this can work for your employees and your bottom line.

Offer perks for returning to the office.

Have you considered offering an incentive of some kind for employees to come into the office, whether it’s on a full-time basis or with a modified schedule? It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Something as simple as a free lunch can entice many employees into heading into the office. You could also offer raffle prizes, extra paid time off, more vacation hours, etc., to those willing to come into the office.

Make it safe.

Many employees have legitimate concerns about the safety of returning to in-office work, especially as the pandemic continues to rage. If your area is experiencing a spike in cases, it’s best not to force employees to come back in at all. But if you feel that it’s necessary or able to be done, make sure it’s as safe as possible. Follow all of the CDC’s latest guidelines and your state and local municipalities to make your workplace safe for your employees.

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