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What to Expect Working as an Administrative Assistant

Are you considering a job as an administrative assistant? It’s a rewarding career that provides the opportunity to work directly with a lot of people. Plus, it’s in-demand, as administrative assistants are needed across a wide variety of industries. But what exactly should you expect as you’re getting into the field of administrative assistant work?

Job Responsibilities

While an administrative assistant’s duties vary depending on the industry they’re in and the specific company they work for, responsibilities generally include things like:

  • Answering telephones, directing calls, and taking messages
  • Greeting visitors
  • Coordinating schedules of managers or executives
  • Creating and maintaining electronic or paper records
  • Creating letters, reports, or other documentation
  • Processing physical mail as well as email communication
  • Taking inventory and ordering supplies
  • Performing basic bookkeeping or accounting duties

In today’s modern office environments, administrative assistants may also be in charge of managing social media accounts or monitoring the company website. It all depends on the employer.

Work Environment

Traditionally, administrative assistants serve as an assistant to one particular team in the company, or as an assistant to a specific manager or executive, so the working environment doesn’t tend to be isolated. Generally speaking, the work environment is lower-stress, although it can become busy during peak hours or when a project deadline is approaching.

Hours and Schedule

In most cases, administrative assistants work full-time hours throughout the week. Of course, administrative assistants working in organizations that work outside of “normal” business hours, like a hospital, may work hours other than the typical 9-to-5. It all depends on the company and its needs.

Opportunities for Growth

Administrative assistants tend to advance and see more opportunities for growth as they gain more experience in their careers. Entry-level assistants can become Senior Executive Assistants, or the Office Manager, for example. Since the administrative assistant role typically does not require advanced education or formal degrees, experience and skill are usually more valued by employers than education. Still, though, administrative assistants who earn special certifications or undergo industry-specific training can have a better chance of moving up the ranks and gaining more responsibility.

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